10 Reasons not to go to Tobago

For everybody who is trying to convince himself or herself not to go to Tobago I made up a list of valid reasons to go anywhere besides Tobago. For your convenience listed in priority from 1 to 10 !

Nr. 1 : You are allergic to Palm tree’s : This is a definite no-go ! Tobago is full of palm tree’s in different shapes and sizes.

Nr. 2: Water temperature of around 28 degrees Celsius does not cool you down.

Nr.3. Sunsets depresses you, if you’re an indoor person you can avoid it, but stay close to home since sunsets are quick

Nr.4. I’ve you looking for penguin’s, they are either extinct in Tobago or on a leave.

Nr.5. You’re out of suntan lotion, and you burn easily. In combination with an allergy for palm trees you can hardly go anywhere !

Nr.6. You want to see the Eiffel Tower, well it is not in Tobago so again a no go !

Nr.7. Your insurance does not cover diving, surfing, hiking, laying on the beach, swimming, wining / dining or looking birds. List is not covering all activities possible so make sure you read the small prints !

Nr.8. You freak out in boats and airplanes: Well even if you want to go there’s no other way to get there. Tobago is an island.

Nr.9. This reason does not really stop much people from going but you’re out of money !

Nr.10 Sorry, can’t think of a next one.

So if any of this applies to you, you best forget about going to Tobago ! You either have to be creative (bring your own penguin !), or forget about going. If none of the above applies to you, you better get there quick !





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