We’re gone for now ……….:(

sad-bird-cover-photoYes, back to the rain and cold and missing Tobago. This site will be supported from some distance now, but we will keep it up and running !

Back to the Netherlands setting up a webshop in carparts. Idea is to export hard to find parts to Tobago as well, so if you are having problems finding the right parts: Check if we have it in store (unfortunately the site is in Dutch, but Google translates quite neat), and even if we don’t send us a mail and we can try to locate it for you. Both European Brands (Audi, BMW etc. as well as Japanese and American brands.)


We can arrange local pickup in both Tobago as well as in Trinidad or send by mail ! As soon as we have stocks piled up we plan to export to Tobago as well, so be patient.

For now new posts on this site by the admin will be more limited, till we have some spare time !

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