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With my wife being a born Tobagonian and visiting Tobago since 1994 the choice to move to Tobago in 2014 was a step we have been talking about for 16 years. Fully aware that the average income is much lower than in the Netherlands, we are also aware that the cost of living in total is less than in the Netherlands. Surprising enough building of websites seems to be at premium prices, probably because the knowledge of building and hosting of websites is still scarce. Most sites are in a way outdated in technique and design, especially when viewed with phones or tablets. It does have a few good webdesigners / developers around, but it looks like they come at premium prices and the use of free software and user maintained websites seems to be low.

Without aiming to make a living solely from building websites I want to fill this gap with reasonably (low) priced websites that are build with modern (and mostly free) software and which is suited for both computers as well as mobile phones and tablets. Training and education in the design of websites can also be added (if there is interest: classes or courses for students can also be arranged).

An extra advantage to be shared with you : I have access to contacts and payment options in Europe which makes it possible to host websites - not only reliable - but also at low-cost. Virtual servers and dedicated servers are available at low-cost in Germany (UK and US options are also available). Running your website from these servers is a guarantee for a high up-time. No need to mention that domain names can be claimed and hosted through these providers.

I specialize in quick build - template / theme based -websites and offer you a low-priced alternative to custom made websites. A quick build and easy maintenance are part of this offering. If asked customisation - or even building from scratch - can be arranged, but will normally not be advised.

With website building being a professionalised hobby, business and ICT-consultancy is my main profession. Companies looking for an advice in these areas are welcome to check out available options. Advice can be ranging from implementing ERP and CRM-software to making your business more effective and efficient.

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Erik Gademan


Website Design, Hosting and other computer related services

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