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Business Consultancy

Optimising Effectiveness & Efficiency

Business Consultancy

Business consultancy and ICT-consultancy tend to be closely related. Hiring me as a consultant can sometimes be primarily motivated through an ICT-related problem. If however your business is not ready for a desired step in automation, business consultancy is part of the offered service. Not being ready for an improvement can be either coming from internal problems (for instance : ICT-infrastructure / hardware or workers that not (yet) up to the tasks required), or external circumstances (Infrastructure/network, legislation, costs, etc.).

I can and will build you a spreadsheet, database, webshop or help you to implement an ERP or a CRM-system when asked to do so. However the more you inform me of what's real important to you and your business and what problems and challenges you face, the more likely that business consultancy will be incorporated in the final advice or implementation.

Business consultancy by itself can also be what you are looking for. I like to think that I can make a difference for local companies (both Trinidad and Tobago) at a more strategic level. Trinidad and Tobago are developing (MIS2014_without_Annex_4) in a way that Europe was developing before. While visiting Trinidad and Tobago in the last 22-years i see that a lot of developments that took place in Europe follow here. Even if not all developments will be considered positive - like people becoming more self-centered - it's trends and Trinidad and Tobago are quickly catching up. Use of bankcards instead of cash, online banking, e-commerce are all to be further developed and will have their impact on business. Decreasing family size, consciousness about environment are examples of trends to be prolonged for the coming decades.

A lot of businesses didn't see e-commerce coming or didn't adapt. While shops in Trinidad and Tobago are still expanding and new malls are being build, in Europe e-commerce is taking over and shops are left vacant and malls becoming desolate. With a lot of companies already buying through the internet in Trinidad, it's a matter of time that companies arise who optimise the selling (and the needed logistics for delivery). Or just as in Europe - consumers becoming aware of buying straight from producers and skipping all trade between them and the producer.

Always feel free to contact me ! Don't hesitate if your company is not profit-oriented or governmental : Business consultancy is used as a general term meant for all organisations.





ICT – Consultancy

We can assist you to get your ICT on track


Nobody want's to automate / digitalize any part of his business for the sake of ICT by itself. There's always a wish behind it that is connected to improving a part of an organisation that can be optimised. A common mistake in ICT is choosing a solution that fulfils the wish, but disregarding what implications the solution (software) has as a whole. For instance the wish is better track of stocks of products. Seeing a software solution working and keeping perfect track of everything including serial numbers or expiry dates can be impressing. What's sometimes forgotten that in order to make this package work purchasing, sales and production have to be automated as well. Even more important they need to have the disciple to administrate their handling of goods to make the stock keeping work as promoted.

ICT-consultancy can help you to get the bigger picture and will assist in a realistic expectation. In the above example : If you selling televisions, who keeps track of the serial numbers of televisions in stock? If it is a purchasing department: Does the purchaser see the TV's come in the warehouse ? If not, does it need a check if the serial on the invoice is equal to the one delivered ? Do you want (or have) a system with locations in your warehouse to be able to find the television without checking multiple sets ?

All in all, ICT -consultancy helps you not only with choosing the right software, but also with planning which extra procedures you need to implement in order for the software to work.

As stated before I don't consider the consultants send by software firms to implement software to be ICT-consultants. There's no real advice or consulting involved once the major purchase decision is made. From this point on you can be advised what's best practice to operate the chosen software. If you don't want to go this way at this point, you might end up compromising and feel you were sold a cat in a bag.

If you need external help after you made your software choice I can help out at this point to. Even if I don't consider this consultancy  I also have experience as a project leader with implementing ERP, CRM, digitalisation of archives, BI, webshops (incl. interactive & graphical  for printshops), intranetsites, client-follow-up systems and more. During these projects I also gained a lot of hands on experience in converting / enriching data and filling software with data without manual labour (mostly with Excel & Access). Next to getting systems operational I also build solutions for custom made reports which you might require and which are not available (but based on data from) your chosen software.




Trade & Rental

Next to consultancy work you can approach me for trade offers regarding import and export from and to Tobago

Trade & Rental

Next to building websites and consultancy I am interested in all trade options to and from Tobago. Especially import opportunities and - if available - export opportunities primarily aimed at Europe. Redundant stocks from Europe based companies, acting as an agent in Tobago (and Trinidad) for third parties and buying of stocks and equipment from resizing or bankrupt companies all have my interest. I'll either participate in the risk it brings, act as an agent/intermediate, or act for my own risk completely. Fields of interest are primarily building materials, building and agricultural equipment and (mixed) household items. Feel free to contact me if you have anything in these fields.

On a small scale I also rent out party and wedding related goods. Three party tents and lighting effects to lively up your events are available. A special page will later on be dedicated to reserve these items.

tent (available for sale as well) 

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