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tobago_homeShowcase page 2 of Tobago Today is a page meant to show some other graphical options available for your website(s). Of course some random pictures of Tobago always look presentable. Build into sliders or banners it really comes alive ! Knowing this even a rol of barbed wire can be presented in such a way that it's 'graphical pleasing to the eye'.



The difference between the showcase pages is primarily the way the lay-out is presented. 1-column or three columns makes a quick difference. A mix of different lay-outs on a page can All this in such a way that even on mobile's or tablets the order and the design is still both readable as well as presentable without having to swipe from left to right to view an entire page width.

Just like all other pages, the site of Tobago Today is primarily aimed at laptops and PC's. If your audience is mostly mobile we will adapt to suit !



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