– Belle Garden

According to the story in the Trinidad Express (see links on this page) the name Belle Garden originates from a dance called the 'bele' . This dance was supposed to be named after a French planters wife called Belle. This just happens to be the French word for beautiful so his wife must have been a beauty, or her parents hoped she turned out to be one.

No matter where the name Belle Garden originates from it's an appropriate one! The landscape is like a beautiful garden, and it's one of the most unspoiled parts of Tobago.

A little bit of the main road it's not one of the beaches or villages that tourist just spot passing by. Even though Tobago is spoiled with beautiful beaches, this makes Belle Garden a hidden gem. Drive towards the fish market (just before Belle Garden) where you have a nice beach with the typical activities associated with fishing. Here you have a view over Clarkes Bay. Just a little walk further (or a drive over an unpaved road) you reach a small beach with massive rocks in and around it. From here you have a view over Carapuse Bay. Except for some locals moving their goats or an occasional fisherman passing by, you can spend a day without seeing a soul. Crystal clear waters, corals ...what more are you looking for?

If you're not the person to sit still, the whole surrounding is like that of an peninsula. There are no real touristic facilities like restaurants or shops, but if you would miss this: Roxborough is a little further down the road. Bring your own drinks and food, and you won't bother to go there.

Like most beaches on the south side, be aware of currents if you plan to go swimming.




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