An easy and quickly build website can be well designed. Quite often even better than custom made sites that - while trying to be unique - lack the visual quality that comes with templates that are proven and tested by a large group of professional users.

This being mentioned we can customise your website based on a template or even build your site completely from scratch. Depending on your wishes a simple site can start from about 3.000 TT$. This is where you provide the raw material which includes photo's and text (including keywords you would like to be optimised for search engines) and other materials like video's / url's and a rough idea of pages to build. If you are not sure about what you want - or you rather leave the complete design in our hands that's possible as well -. We will provide the service, or find and contract a third party that can provide the service.


Possible services

Possible services range from a simple banner or a landing page to a fully operational webshop including payment options (payment options is a


example of a service that requires third parties). Offered services can include logo-design, interactive forms, flash-/ gif animations, upgrading / photoshopping photo's, optimising search engines / linking to and from other websites. Depending on your wishes we can integrate widgets with for instance weather information, time, visitor counters etc.. 



We don't provide direct hosting but arrange hosting through providers based in Europe or the US. This because of the higher reliability / up-time of  these server sites. We can and will however incorporate these services in our offering so you have a hassle free service and one contact for everything related to your website. Claiming domain names and other services can be incorporated. We can and will work with providers chosen by you, but extra costs might be involved if and were they don't offer all necessary facilities or have non-matching interfaces / services / apps etc.

Once the site is up and running you can receive admin rights to maintain your own site or choose to let us do this for you.

As the owner of the tobago.today domain we can offer suitable (sub)domains aimed at Tobago. For instance realestate.tobago.today. Hosting and maintance of your site (or landing page) will always be included in the offering if this option is chosen.

To have an idea what's possible check the showcase page's (this page is kept simple for performance).

Price Indication basic Webdesign ==> Starting from TT$ 3.000,-

One time design of a website to be installed on a host and domain to be arranged by you. In order for the website to be working correctly (sub)domain should be claimed and arranged before building starts.

Passwords and a Username for Administrator rights will be given to you if and when developed in an application which will require these.

webdesignIndication of possible additional costs:

* Logo design : TT$ 500,- and up
* Banner design : TT$ 250,- and up
* Gif / Jpg optimisation : TT$ 25,- and up (large quantities for webshops e.d. can receive discount).
* SWF (Flash) : TT$ 500 and up
* Specific font choice : TT$ 0 and up (depending on platform/theme and options)
* Specific colour scheme : TT$ 0 and up (included in design, extra cost might be involved if specifications given)

Generation and/or purchasing of content like photo's, text, fonts. video: cost depending on customer wishes and the raw material already provided.

The price indication is based on a wordpress site. Adobe, Xara or other programs might offer more freedom in building but normally require more time to build.

Hosting ==> Starting from TT$ 240,- a year

If you already have your own provider a website can be ready made to upload to your provider. However no guarantee can be given that the website will work in the way intended. This because providers might not have the same protocol(versions) as the providers on which websites are developed.

If you have no specific domain name to be claimed our advise is to choose a subdomain with a suffix of tobago.today. We can offer you these services without pre-payment. Maintenance will be done by us, but if needed you can be given rights to change your own content. Annual cost for hosting will be starting from TT$ 240,-.

hostingIf you foresee heavy traffic, want to have a domain not claimed as yet (or move an existing domain you own), and/or you require a lot of e-mail addresses, you probably want to host your own site. This can also be arranged and maintenance after delivery can be done by me, you, or any party you see fit. Annual cost - to be paid in advance - will be TT$ 800,- and up depending on your wishes and choices.

The cost of maintaining websites can differ hugely, a simple website with no database to maintain is something different than a webshop with thousands of products which change in price etc. We will help you to make the proper choice in de the development platform for your website to keep maintenance low, and train you in case you decide to run your own webshop.

Maintenance ==> Free if you’re up to it !

With a focus on website's build with free software, maintenance can be free as well. Depending on your wishes you can adapt and maintain your own website once it is operational. Once a website is finished you can get all necessary training, passwords and user rights to keep your site up and running. If you rather would have this done by me, I will be glad to assist you. Depending on the complexity of your website and the amount of change needed we can always work out an arrangement to keep your site up and running.

Sites build with the extension tobago.today differ a bit from the above offer. Maintenance and administration rights will be more limited if shared, seeing that these sites will reside under my own domain. For instance setting up your own e-mail addresses or adding a (next) database to your site are rights not given to users. Even then it will still be possible to maintain and adapt your own site if you choose to do so.