Showcase website building


Don't make a page to extensive (like this...)

Showcase is not just a page of what's possible. It's also a warning not to build pages that take to much download time and make them to extensive. Unless your targeted audience always has the highest download speeds, keep in mind that slow loading pages can cause the user to leave before you had the chance to show your message.

Test the performance of your website with different devises and if possible different connection speeds. Not everybody is going to wait..... the long wait

Graphics and Animations

We can provide you with banners, logo's, animations and more

From simple gif-animations, through flash banners, sliders, and integrated video's. Provide us with your idea and we will try to realize it. Whether it is part of a website or webshop or as part of a website you already have running. Different options are available. Most of the time results can be achieved with free software, if not we will either build it  or integrate  third party solutions.

For use across different platforms, screen sizes and browsers, we advise to keep your website simple. Flash animations for instance are a real eye-catcher, however if your viewer didn't install flash or has a outdated version installed, you might not bring across your message. Chrome as a browser supports a wider array of CSS and HTML commands than Explorer, even this page will look different between these two browsers.

Quite obvious everybody want's their site ready for mobile / tablets. This site is also build for making it easy to view with a mobile or a tablet. In this case not because I expect mobile users to visit this site: it's only done to illustrate the option. If you expect your viewer to use laptop/pc only, your site can be build to suit. If your audience is mobile only a dedicated mobile site might be in place.





Your Message

To get views you better not write a novel...

It's not just design and looks. To get visitors search engines play a major-role for most websites. Unfortunately these engines don't respond to either literary masterpieces or the use of dialect. Target some phrases and words which somebody who should be interested in your website most commonly would use. Try to incorporate these words in the title and text of your pages. We can assist you doing this, but bottom-line, it's your message and audience we are trying to reach. Check this document if you want to know more details. Don't bother about the more technical part, we will handle this. Do check google trends though to get a rough idea whether you choose words often used, and which words popularity are rising and dropping (change the 'terms' to suite your own interest). 

Everything put together, we will assist you with SEO. Your input is however crucial: We can promise you a high ranking for 'cookbookcupboard', if you're selling cosmetics you'll  be waiting a long time for a matching pageview....

wrong message ?

Option 1 : Embedding third party widgets (content)

You don't have to invent and maintain what's already there....

Widgets - sometimes referred to as app's or gadgets - are third party applications that perform a mostly simple task. They are hosted and run on other servers and integrated in your own site. Mostly customised with a few variables. A well know widget is Google maps which can show an interactive map which can be centered on a certain position and have a lot of extra information. 

Widgets range from weather information, currency exchange rates to tidal information and more specific information like the best time to go fishing (something I like...). The most general sort of widgets are embedded video's from sites as youtube. 

Why this whole story ? Widgets are customizable and free ! Integrating them in your website takes less effort than building from scrap. In some cases building from scrap would even be impossible seeing the complexity behind the apps.



Option 2 : Your own content

This is what it is about in the first place !

Quite obvious it's no use building a website with content from third parties (unless you want to make money with clickthrough payments etc.). So this is the part where you distinguish your site from others. Although sometimes not obvious : Text comes first ! The text of your context, headlines and even the names of your graphics can all play a role in being found. Writing text for a website sometimes implies making sacrifices in the way you bring your story across. If for instance you are in the hotel business you can write a nice sales pitch which sells 'the best overnight option around...'.  If this is your whole text you won't be found under hotels.... So incorporate the word hotel either in the title, text or meta-information (or all...).

We can assist you with optimising the text, or even help with writing part of it, but bottom line it's your message !

 The part of content that get's most attention when building websites is the graphical part. Colour schemes, images, fonts, logo's, banners etc.  Remember that text comes first ? Well this comes second: Once a visitor reaches your website, the look and feel will determine whether a first time visitor will be interested or go for a next (competing) site. A site can be to simple / amateuristic or can be over the top (expensive look, or to slow due to heavy graphics used). At this point you have to inform us of the kind of customer you are trying to reach and the devices he will most likely use for browsing. 

If you have no (professional) logo's colour scheme's, fonts etc: It's time to make up your mind ! We can propose all of these as part of building a website, but it's up to you to choose to incorporate these in your other other media statements / letterheads etc. The other option is to get a designer to make a proposal and provide us with the 'house style' you decided on. 

Your photo material will be used and converted/optimised for website use. If you prefer to use copyrighted material from third parties we will incorporate these (professional) images. They can be used/converted into animations/flash/banners etc. 

The use of video and music is also part of content. Although technical this is not more complicated than showing a picture we normally discourage the use of both video and music. It takes a lot of bandwidth (speed), and sudden music starting to play can be a nuisance .... So if your not a band promoting itself, try to stay away from sound. If video is needed/wanted than uploading your video to youtube and embedding from there is a preferred option.




Option 3 : An embedded third party site

An option for start-ups who lack content.

Below the complete page/site of the Tobago News enclosed in this page. Of Course a link to this site will lead to the content as well, but the advantage in this case is that the viewer doesn't leave the site.

Embedding other sites is an easy way to get content in your site (which is up-to-date). Disadvantage can be that sites are not mobile prepared and the result might degrade your own site. More common ways of embedding are so called third party widgets which don't embed a whole site, but only a widget with specific information or a video as an example.

If and when you embed third party content you loose control of part of your updates, realize that third parties might make statements which you wouldn't support.




Option 4. Everything else........

The previous options are basic ingredients found on every website. You might however need forms, enclosed documents for uploading pages with links etc.. All this is not content by itself, but completes the content in an interactieve way. If you have a webshop you would not expect a viewer to be very interested in your general terms. They should be available though. Maybe even in such a way that the viewer has to acknowledge he/she read them. All of this is not very exciting but part of building your site.

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The end of the showcase

Altogether this showcase page is a bit over the top. Excuses for this, it's only set up this way to give an idea of the technical options. Of Course this is just the broad outline of categories of options. It doesn't even cover the specifics of integrated or dedicated web shops, the use of photo-galleries and so on and on. 

What you can learn from this page however is that even with no modifications to a standard wordpress theme, you - or we - can make a site that's quite unique. If needed we will take it a step further and develop or use a more (not fully) customised theme or build the website on other platforms to build it from scrap. 

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